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Why choose us?

Coyle Builders/Realtors can make your home improvement dreams a reality without all the hassle, sweat and tears of trying to do the work yourself.  However, not all professionals are created equal…..doing your homework prior to hiring a professional can save not only your wallet, but also your sanity.  Your home is one of your most prized possessions…why not make a smart investment by hiring us for a project, remodel, or addition?  Check out our photo gallery for photos of our work and comments by our satisfied clients.

  •  Ask the locals for recommendations, checking for both quality and personality.
  • Check with your Better Business Bureau  and Home Building Associations about the contractors you are considering.
  • Questions to ask during an interview with a contractor:
    • What does the quoted price include? (i.e. labor, materials, allowances, etc.)
    • Check references.
    • Is the work guaranteed?  What type of warranty is offered?
    • Do they have insurance?
    • Are they licensed in that state?
To choose wisely, make sure you:
  • Ask your real estate agent if the builder has a good reputation for being fair during and after the building process. No new home construction goes perfectly. Something will need to be fixed after you have moved in. Find out from your real estate agent if your builder is reliable. If he doesn't know, ask him to do some research. 
  • Ask the builder if he has ever been associated with a builder that filed for bankruptcy. Oftentimes, builders file for bankruptcy, stranding their home buyers, and start up under a new name. 
  • Ask for references, and then call them. You'll want to talk to people who are currently living in a home your builder has constructed. Ask them many questions. Give them time to answer. Ask open-ended questions and ask for examples. 
  • Talk to the developer. Ask him whom his best builders are. 
  • Look at as many of his spec homes as you can. Look closely at the walls and woodwork. Is it quality craftsmanship? 
  • Tour some of his homes that are under construction. Visit them more than once. Does he use quality materials? Is the worksite clean? Talk to some of the foremen for his sub-contractors. What do they think of him? Is he easy to work with? Does he demand high quality? 
  • Pray for wisdom. 
If a builder is well liked by homeowners, real estate agents, developers, and his sub-contractors, chances are good that you will enjoy building a home with him.